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AustinThirdGen.Org _ Automotive Discussion _ 1988 camaro wiring issues

Posted by: carousel56 Oct 13 2013, 01:49 PM

I have the service manuals for this car.

The diagram I have looked at shows the alternator has 4 wires 2 red and 2 brown. I have a 3 wire plug which has Red Tan/white and black but when I look at another diagram it shows it should have Red Tan/white which is only 2 wires. I replaced the wiring harness because of mice eating it up with a harness I got from a junkyard and the wires matched up except for the black I do not have a wire to use.

Can anyone tell me where the coolant fan switch is located. When I look at the diagram it appears to be near the starter but I have a white wire there for the detnonation sensor.

I also have 2 wires a bright green and a purple that I do not have anything for them to connect to.

Posted by: kewl_blades Oct 13 2013, 10:28 PM

Since you did not post if you have a V6 or V8 Camaro, or if you have a single fan or dual fan setup:

Here it the dual fan V8 setup location for the coolant temp sensor that triggers the passenger side fan: between cylinder #6 and #8 on the passenger side head. The fan comes on when the temp sensor reads 240-ish degrees F or when it gets the signal from the AC high pressure switch (when you turn you functional AC on).

If you have a CS130 alternator with the 3 wire plug output, a brown wire should be coming out of the firewall to the alternator. That is for the dash gauge that shows voltage.
The red (thicker) wire should be going to the battery.
The black should be the ground. There may be a fusible link.

As far as the 2 mystery wires, you gotta be WAY more specific.

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