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Full Version: Final Warning! Useless Posts / Spamming NOT allowed.
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This hasn't come up before, but after seeing the state of the boards today, I guess I'll have to start enforcing a few rules.

1) Do not post a fucking book in the forums.  Obvious Copyright issues, plus the fact it makes the database huge, and makes the backups take longer, not to mention server load when someone opens that thread.

2) Any abuse of the points system will result in your points being reset to 0.  No ifs ands or buts about it.

3) STAY ON TOPIC.  If the thread is on, say, someone's new truck, and you start posting about a food place, thats not the same topic.  If you want to reply to something said, but it doesnt stay on topic, then just simply press 'Quote' and copy the BBCode and use it in a NEW POST.  Plus for you points whores, you get more points for a new post then a reply.

Finally, I have changed the points system to avoid more abuse, you can now only pick up 500 points in a 24 hour period.  You will not recieve any points in the Announcements, Gathering, or Classifieds sections.  This is to avoid spam in those areas.  If you have something to say, and its not gathering or classified related, it should be in General or Automotive discussions.

Lou & Travis, I'm proud of the way you handled the board today, thank you. :clap:
Damn I do one simple little post and others get carried away...

Damn you guys......
Hmmmm .... :think2: ... Steven ... I think Yancy just volunteered to take all the blame.


Seriously, although some of you might feel like Steven sounds like a hard-ass with all the rules he posted, they are merely an expression of common sense and courtesy.

I will repeat once again that this is nothing personal, we're not bullying anybody, we're just trying to keep this board running smoothly. We're here for you, guys. :thumbupwink:

I understand the rules that are in place. I don't how ever see a need to  :deadhorse: I think we're all cool with it I mean do we have a choice. I was just goofing off and didn't mean to cause a storm of postion. I was just bored. You don't have to worry or keep pointing out the rules. I'm good. No worries.
oops I just noticed that I can't spell I meant posting.
Steven pointed out the rules so that everybody is clear. And I think they are. They better be! laugh.gif

Don't worry about the spelling, there are no rules against bad spelling on this board. (I wish!! :rofl: :roflmao: )
if we were to do something about spelling i dont think we would have any members
yeah i was just goofing around, didnt mean to start something bad
if we were to do something about spelling i dont think we would have any members

Yeah, I'd have to ban myself like 6 times a day, my spelling suxxors.  And yes, suxxors is a word damnit
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