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boggled.gif Auuhh.., I need some HELP very badly D: The fuel pump on Roary; my 85 Z28 Camaro is finally... definitely starting to majorly fail.

After a long day and driving back from Austin to Round Rock, I started to hear a hooting noise from the back of the car.. basically the same noise I hear when turning a corner when the fuel is really low... except this was happening while I was idling in traffic. (had to be detoured cuz of an accident.. and it took 4x as long/distance to make it back home AFTER the issue with the car started.) Not very fun worrying the whole way that the car was going to die on me. sad.gif

But yeah.. .

We don't exactly have enough space or driveway/ a good enough jack to get the needed amount of clearance for undoing the exhaust get to the tank to drop it and all that. If anybody knows of an awesome shop in the Round Rock area that might let me use their lift for a couple hours... please let me know! I'd be eternally thankful !

OR better yet... if anybody has dropped a tank.. .or changed a fuel pump before, I'd greatly appreciate any help you could give me and my car, as I'm not exactly strong or healthy enough anymore to get under there and do it all myself like I might have been able to do a couple years back :/ But I'll absolutely help as much as I can!

I have every day of the week free, seeing as how I can't get to any appointments w/out my car.. .so just let me know who's available! I'll make cookies!! Bring you drinks?? beer.gif <3 <3

~~Savannah M.~~ biggrin.gif <^_^>
(my Sugar Sprinkle cookies) drool.gif You know you want some... nod.gif
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I am not the guy you're looking for, just that nobody is responding and I wish I could help.
I do have garage space and few tools. I can wrench, but have no sense of direction. I've never done this before.
That being said, you're more than welcome to come over. I'm in Pflugerville (404 Oat Meadow Drive).
I am in the same boat with you, Savannah. Used to be able to do many things myself but can't anymore. Don't ask why, I'm just getting old. smile.gif But you're still a young one, dammit! smile.gif
I could only offer my big garage, tools, air tools and of course experience because I've dropped tanks several times before (not really that much work).

The only little hiccup right now would be my stinkin' Chevy occupying the garage on jack stands (cuz that's where that POS belongs) with another failed starter problem. I was hoping to replace it this week but didn't, due to my back problems. If I manage to get the Cheby off the jack stands this weekend, you would be welcome to use the garage and all tools.

You would just need to get Roary here (I am not in RR but I'm close) and get some muscle to do the swap.


P.S.: Big enough space in my garage to do a whole engine pull and rebuild, so no worries. smile.gif
Hi Shadow, I just sent you a PM. I have been down the road of dead fuel pumps many times. My ph# is in my PM. Give me a call if you like.
QUOTE(88iroczguy @ Mar 1 2011, 09:47 AM) *
Hi Shadow, I just sent you a PM. I have been down the road of dead fuel pumps many times. My ph# is in my PM. Give me a call if you like.

Were there any snags in replacing the fuel pump I have a 91 that has 8 lbs pressure should be 37.
So I have to cut the exhaust off and drop the tank but I was looking for tips to help the process.
Get the car as high off the ground as possible! I did mine and manuvering the tank out was a B* without any clearance underneath.
if someone has the space ill swap it out. Im bored and free everyday except friday and saturday. I've got tools and a jack but im not allowed to work on cars at home due to my HOA. John you dont have to cut your exhaust. I removed mine as one piece unbolted the shocks, panhard and brake line and let the rearend and exhaust sit on the ground.
Thanks for the pic of the fuel lines lou.
Ok i'm SO sorry i wasn't able to respond to anybody! I've had issues not even being able to log into the site for whatever reasons (all better after the site move it seems O_O >,> ).. for the last.. . i dunno 5 months maybe?

I never did the fuel-pump swap.. have everything ready to go i believe in the trunk in a TO-DO box of small-ish parts lol.
I've been able to avoid any overheating of the fuel-pump by keeping the gas WELL away from the 1/4 tank mark.. when it gets there.. and in Austin traffic (stop go stop go stop ZZZ go) it starts 'whooting' pretty quick if it's close to a 4th of a tank X_X Sadness, but that's what has to be done for now..

and YES! I live is Austin now! We moved out of RR to be closer to my guys state job! biggrin.gif And i'm pretty darn close to you from what i remember Lou, I live at the Copper Mill apartments off N Lamar smile.gif So it'd take no time at all to drive over for whatever reason.. . I think i even saw you last Sunday driving your Camaro.. . though it could have been someone else if yours is up on jacks still? >,>

OTHER than all that, I made a sad discovery with my car about a month or 2 after we moved to Austin.. there's a weird oil-y type of splat pattern coming up from the creases, seams, spaces? around the top of the engine.. . like the big long rectangle piece in the top middle... >,< Sorry, correct terminology escapes me atm.. lol. I'm trying to find the picks I took that clearly show this oil-y type of thing i'm seeing :< From what i've looked up, and confirmed through other symptoms my car is having.. . it looks like the head-gasket is going slowly but surely .. Sheer will from it's loving owner is keeping my car together atm i think X( i'll be getting $90 in the next week or so from a friend I helped a while back.. so i'll be able to buy the $72 head gasket kit.. but I don't exactly think my Apt office people would like it if I did that here... (thought they're fine with oil-changes and other smaller car things that aren't messy lol)

< O_____O > Currently I have the red tube of sealant for the gasket job and all that, brand new, since it's not included in the kit. Just waiting on the $$ from the friend.. I'm just a bit nervous attempting the job on my own since I've never done it before (read the HECK outta written guides to do it though XD ) and I need it done as quick as possible with all my med appointments and such..

My poor Roary needs love ..

I'm free pretty much every single day (no job.. yay =_= ) so if there's anyone that thinks we might be able to get any of these things done in any good amount of time, please let me know smile.gif My # should be on my profile i think.. if not it's (512)4.3.1-- happy.gif I'll keep checking back on the forums here now that I can finally log in again!

Roary~1985 Z28 V8 5.0L 305hp T-tops Catback all that lol <^,^> <3

no idea where Copper Mill apartments are but I am sure as heck that you did not see me driving my car. As a matter of fact, you couldn't see anybody else driving my car either. I am have been laid up in bed for months, thanks to standard medical malpractice. And my car is laid up as well. Dead battery. And I won't be driving my car for a few more months. So if you see somebody driving my convertible, please shoot them!

I will reply to your engine problems in the other thread.

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