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Full Version: Transmission & clutch swap
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I need to swap my transmission and clutch. Got all the parts, got a place.

Where: Steven's parents' place (with a lift)

When: TBD (one Sunday - let's discuss)

Who: myself, StevenK, Jake, RJ, possibly Travis

I will of course feed you and provide drinks, that's granted.

What this will NOT be is a full-blown CFD (car fix day) where people show up unannounced with a "rough idle" issue or "slipping clutch" asking for help. We won't have time for that. This will be a single-purpose event, sorry.

Please discuss the available dates. It seems that Sunday is the only common day we can pull this off. The earliest would be Nov 6th.

I'm in. as long as its not the first weekend in december
So this coming weekend is the breakfast. How about the weekend after? The 13th?

Jake, RJ, Steven? Would that work for you?

13th is fine by me
A big thank you shout goes to Jake, Steven and of course Steven's father.
Great team, good work flow, bad jokes and good weather, it was all fun.

And Jake says "Who needs a lift? I was The Hulk this Halloween!" smile.gif
So due to an unexpected turn of events, we will have to pull the transmission again. *rolleyes*

Now that we know every single bolt size, we can probably have the transmission out in 1/2 hour. Then we need to figure out whether the clutch fork or the pivot pin is the root cause of the problem. I assume the transmission will be bolted up in another 1/2 hour.
All-in-all, I don't assume this job to take more than 2 hours, if we work efficiently.

Of course we'll go get something to eat afterwards! (my treat)

If anybody feels like having fun this weekend (after turkey day), I would really appreciate the help.
It would be great if one person was from the north to drive me down there and drive my car back, since I can't drive. And no, I will not be paying your "excessive acceleration" tickets. lol.gif

Big thanks to Jake and StevenK again for all the help.
We really pulled the transmission, fixed the issue and reinstalled it in 2 hours. It goes fast when you have an efficient team.

The Bill Miller BBQ was a sad ripoff, I am never buying that sh*t again. smile.gif I think I can consider myself a Texan now, since I can tell bad BBQ from good one. lol.gif

And Jake, you owe me about 1/4" of tire tread. lolbash.gif takeoff.gif

(I made the throttle pedal feel lighter, it was too stiff with the extra return spring on the TB)

Thanks again for the help, guys!
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