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Full Version: Is this the fuel pump relay?
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Luis Gonzalez
ok so far gas pump is working distributor cap and rotor replaced i was surfing the web reading looking up now my next step is the fuel pump relay i read that its near the brake cylnder anyway i took a pic of what i think is the fuel pump relay on the left but i noticed that one of the wires were cut and feeds into the radiator fan my question is what relay is this? is it the fuel pump relay,its the one on the left and what is that wire thats cut

Luis, help us help you and enter your car information into your profile so that it always shows with your posts. That way we know what engine we're talking about. A simple "1991 RS 305 TBI" suffices (example). Chevy changed the wiring around a lot, from year to year so it really matters.

I cannot make out the wire colors very well in those pictures, could you describe them to me? Keep in mind that after those 20+ years, the wire colors tend to fade so they might not seem like what they used to be.

If I had to guess (from the wire colors I can see), I'd say that the undisturbed relay is for the fuel pump and the other one is for the fan. From which I can deduce that you have a 1990 or newer TBI car. And looking at your other thread, I am right. lol.gif
Btw, you mentioned "350 TBI" in your other thread, those were never installed in F-bodies so if that's true, you would need to give us a lot more info because the 350 won't work stock in our cars with our ECMs.

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