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Full Version: Bad '730 ECM?
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Hi guys,

after sitting for over a year, I finally tried to start my Chebby.
It seems to be running in "limp mode" which usually means that the chip/memcal is bad or the ECM is fried.
Does anybody have a spare '730 ECM (MAP TPI 1990-1992) that I could borrow for a few minutes to eliminate mine?

Hey Lou - I feel your pain. Wish I could help but my car is an '89 MAF car. If I can find someone w/ the correct ECM then I'll PM you w/ the details.
I have 1 for sale. I can lend it to you.
PM'd you with my number.
Thanks Walter, you're awesome!
I have one also I could borrow you or sell it for 40 dollars to you, just had it done by bryan johnson about a year ago but I sold the car and put the original in it pm me if you need it or anyone else does.
Thanks for the offer.
I will have to see how it goes with Walter's ECM first since he is closer.
I can play delivery middle man since i live in Kyle and work by Lou. Unless Walter decides to come to the monthly meet.... smile.gif
No worries, Walter says he can deliver. Thanks R.J.!
Bad news, Walter's ECM did not solve my problem. However, it did not come with a memcal so I have not ruled that out yet.
I will burn another chip, maybe my old one went "bad" while sitting. lol.gif
Another one bites the dust.
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