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Full Version: My 82 Berlinetta Camaro 305 v8 Cranks, But Won't Start
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I just bought a 1982 Berlinetta Camaro for 200$ what a steal. It is a 305 TBI V8 and the catch was that the car cranks but won't start. Any Ideas or quick fixes to get this bad girl started?
check the spark. Take a plug out but keep the wire connected to it. Place it close to the frame and see if you get spark. wear gloves or it will jump and give you a jolt. haha. If no spark then check the distributor. Put a meter on the connector and see if you have power to the distributor. Had a broken wire on my old K5 blazer one time and took me forever to figure out it was a broken wire inside of the loom that went to the distributor.
Hi Doug, welcome to the club! party.gif

What part of town are you in? Feel free to fill in your profile information so that we know more about you and your car.

For the engine to start, you need 3 basic things: air, fuel, spark. If you have air going into the engine and good compression, that part is fine. If you have spark, that's good too. Check if you have fuel spraying from the injectors (just take off the air cleaner and you can see the spray). If not (or if it doesn't seem like enough to light the engine), you can spray combustible liquid into the throttle body. If the engine starts, it is likely a fueling problem.

Let us know what you find.
Thanks for the help guys! I am actually from CA. I got this car for 400$ with good compression and the fuel system seems to be fine. I replaced the distributor, and I have come to the conclusion that the problem is the connector in the loom of the distributor. Im pretty sure its not getting spark because of a weak connection or a wire that needs to be replaced . Im new to chevys.. and I just need a little guidance to get this beast to roar.. Click to view attachment
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