Converting a base Firebird to GTA tail lights

By: BigBabyLou

The goal of this article is to show how to convert a base Firebird (with red brake lights and amber rear turn signals) to operate GTA tail lights (with integrated red turn signals and brake lights).

Let's assume that you have a pair of GTA tail lights (or are modifying your stock base tail lights) and are working on a base Firebird.
(although this conversion WILL work for all F-bodies, i.e. Camaros as well)

This conversion procedure consists of two main steps. They BOTH need to be performed at the SAME TIME! The vehicle would be illegal and unsafe to operate unless both steps are finished!

STEP 1 - steering column wiring

Remove the plastic driver side under-dash cover to access the steering column wiring. It might help to also remove the vinyl wrapped knee panel to gain better access to the harness.

Find the turn signal switch harness connector, it looks like this:

Locate the white wire that is the last wire in the connector.

Find the brake switch. It is mounted on the pedal braket, just rear of the brake pedal. The brake pedal lever is actually resting on it.

The switch has three wires.
On Firebird years 1989 and older, the wire colors are:
- orange
- light blue
- light blue with a black stipe

On Firebird years 1990 and newer, the wire colors are:
- orange
- light blue
- yellow

We need the light blue wire. Cut it as far away from the switch as possible.
Then if you can, connect it directly to the white wire which we located earlier. If you can't, you will need a piece of extra wire to connect these two.

That's it, that's the whole fix under the dash.
(In case your steering column connector from the turn signal switch does not have a white wire, you will need to install a GTA turn signal switch which can be purchased at any parts store for cca $25.)

STEP 2 - tail wiring

From the inside of the trunk, remove the plastic trim piece covering the rear panel. Then remove the plastic wingnuts that hold the DRIVER SIDE tail light to the rear panel. (no need to remove the passenger side tail light)

Remove the corrugated plastic wiring loom to expose the wires. Find the light blue splice.
In the light blue splice, locate the wire that goes into the wall (left) and another wire that goes to the passenger side tail light (right). Cut both of these wires.
Cut the yellow wire off the lightbulb socket and connect it to the light blue splice.
Cut the dark green wire in the harness (make sure you have enough length) and connect its left part to the light blue wire going to the right (passenger side) tail light.

If you do not have a splice in the harness, just "pretend" that you have one. See picture below.
The connections are identical to picture above, except there is no explicit splice.

You are DONE!

Of course TEST THE BRAKES AND TURN SIGNALS. The turn signals will now flash the red lights. If the brake lights are on and you turn on a turn signal, that brake light will start flashing (with the other brake light still on).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

(ATGO is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle by following the above instructions)


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