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Accelerator / Cruise Control 3.000
Air Conditioning 9.000
Audio Provisions 9.000
Axle, Front Drive 6.000
Axle, Rear 5.000
Body Electrical Systems 13.000
Body Mounting 9.000
Body Ornamentation 12.000
Body Panels & Components 12.000
Body Parts, Front 8.000
Brake Systems 4.000
Brakes, Rear Drum  5.000
Bumpers (for Grilles, see below) 7.000
Chassis Electrical Systems 2.000
Clutch 0.000
Consoles 10.000
Convertible Hardware 14.000
Convertible Trim 13.000
Cooling Systems/Fans 1.000
Door Hardware 10.000
Emissions 3.000
Engine Oil Systems 1.000
Engine / Transmission Mounting 0.000
Engines 0.000
Exhaust 3.000
Floors, Load 11.000
Frame / Components 7.000
Front / Rear Lamps 2.000
Fuel Systems 3.000
Grilles 1.000
Heater & Components 8.000
Instrument Clusters 9.000
Instrument Panel 10.000
Interior Lamps 11.000
Interior Trim 14.000
Level Control 7.000
Mirrors 10.000
Quarter Hardware 11.000
Rear Compartment Trim 15.000
Roof / Deck Lid Options 12.000
Seat Belts 14.000
Seat Hardware 11.000
Spare Wheel & Jack 8.000
Steering Systems & Components 6.000
Suspension, Front 6.000
Suspension, Rear 7.000
Tailgate / Liftgate Hardware 12.000
Transmission & Controls 4.000
Vacuum Pump 3.000
Weatherstrips 10.000
Wheel & Trim 5.000
Windshield Wiper / Washer 10.000
Wiper / Washer, Rear 12.000


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